Payment will make a real difference

So make sure your IRD details are current

Anna Lorck MP for Tukituki





Our Government has worked hard to lift incomes and make life more affordable for Central Hawke's Bay families. Now, as we move forward with our plan to grow a secure economy for all, we're providing further cost of living support for CHB people. Our new $350 Cost of Living Payment started on Monday and will support more than two million Kiwis. The three payment dates are: August 1, September 1 and October 3 (the first business day of the month). You will likely be eligible if you earned $70,000 or less over the year to March 2022, and are aged 18 or older, but aren't eligible for the Winter Energy Payment. There's nothing you need to do to apply for the payment, and the income threshold is based on your individual income, not household income. If you're eligible, you will receive the payments directly from IRD. However, IRD does need your correct information, so the people of Central Hawke's Bay should take a few minutes to make sure that everything is up to date. You can visit IRD's website for more details: People can also call IRD's selfservice line (0800 257 777) to update their bank account. This new Cost of Living Payment sits alongside our Winter Energy Payment, and, when taken together, these payments will support 81 per cent of New Zealanders aged 18 and over. Other measures include extending the fuel tax cut and reducing road user charges. This will help reduce the fuel burden on businesses, keeping down the cost of food and essential goods. We're also fixing the supermarket sector and increasing competition, to make sure Kiwis pay a fair price at the checkout. Measures we're putting in place will make a difference for people. They build on actions we've taken since 2017 to ensure Kiwi families have more in their pocket to get ahead — policies such as the family tax credit, free school lunches, cheaper doctors' fees, and the removal of school donations. Minimum wage increases since 2017 mean full-time minimum wage workers now earn an extra $218 a week. Meanwhile the Hawke's Bay economy is showing the strongest economic growth in the country according to Infometrics. That growth is primarily down to the strong performance from our farmers. But for some people these are tough times and the Cost of Living Payment will make a real difference. People are entitled to this payment so they should make sure Inland Revenue has their bank account number.