The Clock Shop A silver lining for Virginia





Virginia Linley graduated from Central Hawke’s Bay College at the end of 2021 and gained entrance to Otago University to study as a Dental Technician. She had a natural interest in microengineering, attracting her to this career path. When her accommodation plans for Otago fell through, she found herself back in Central Hawke’s Bay. Our Jobs in Central Hawke’s Bay Youth Transitions Coordinator, Ange, makes contact with recent school leavers to see how their first year out of school is going and offer support. When she discovered Virginia’s Plan A had been disrupted, she began helping her work towards a Plan B. Jono and Ange took Virginia to visit The Clock Shop in Waipawa, following the microengineering path. Anne and Jim Greeff were able to facilitate Virginia’s interest and she began work experience under Jim. Jobs in CHB supported Virginia into a paid Te Mʷhuri work placement at The Clock Shop where Jim is mentoring her. Virginia is really enjoying her work and progressing quickly under Jim and Anne’s guidance. Jim says she is patient and gentle by nature, which is essential for working on clocks and watches with small moving parts.