Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-06-10


Another satisfying read from this Kiwi author


Tony Nielsen

Spellbound By Catherine Robertson, Penguin Random House, $36 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Although Catherine Robertson has been writing for children, young adults, and adults since the mid-90s her 2018 novel Gabriel's Bay brought her into the foreground. Mind you, after writing 33 books and counting, you'd think that fellow Kiwis would be knocking the door down. Spellbound returns us to Gabriel's Bay, the quintessential dreamy seaside town, humming in the summer, and hanging on through the rest of the year. Catherine Robertson's strength as a writer is creating and building characters, characters of depth that are easy to get inside of. In there's an underlying darkness, based on the power wielded by some of the individuals and how it pans out. Persistence by the down-to-earth Mac as she tackles her projects for the betterment of Gabriel's Bay against the power plays by the arrogant Elaine Mac and her supporters. She seems to be on the losing end as they strive to make their projects successful while Elaine does her best to put the kibosh on them. Perhaps not as vivid and engrossing as its predecessor Gabriel's Bay, nonetheless Spellbound does turn out to be a satisfying read. —


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