Q+A with Ella Monnery






Favourite memory of Ka¯ piti? Growing up in such a small town where everyone knows everyone. Describe your musical style . . . Powerhouse, dance and electric. Who are your musical influences? Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion. Favourite place to eat? Anywhere that has hot chips. Favourite thing to do growing up in Ka¯ piti? Hang out with friends and go to the beach, park or river. What is your pre-show ritual? Make sure I get a good sleep the night before, warm up, drink lots of water. Who would you most like to have coffee with? Whitney Houston. Tip you would give to young aspiring singers/performers? Believe in yourself and your talent. Who would you like to collaborate with? Calvin Harris because he makes massive dance beats. How often do you return to Ka¯ piti? Pretty often — my grandparents still live there so I try to visit them whenever I’m in Wellington.