Interactive creation salutes da Vinci work





Anew installation at Te Manawa aims to blur the line between art and architecture. The Vitruvian Tunnel is an interactive installation by Auckland artist and architect Matt Liggins. As well as running his own studio, the former Palmerston North Boys’ High School student is a professional teaching fellow at the University of Auckland. Conceived as a place where art can overlap with architecture, the Vitruvian Tunnel is a brightly lit sculpture of wood and reflective surfaces, designed to be inhabited by visitors. It’s a response to one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works: the Vitruvian Man. Liggins took the average height of the New Zealand male, 1.77m, and created the squares, triangles and circles of the Vitruvian Tunnel in proportion to that. It’s a tribute to da Vinci’s work, just as the original was in honour of the Roman architect from whom it took its name. The installation was described as charming and public-spirited at its debut during the 2019 Bright Nights festival in Auckland. Liggins says it continues a conversation about architectural history and is also a cool place to bring your friends to take some photos. One couple even got engaged while visiting. The tunnel departs Te Manawa on December 2.