Gavin says Jim’s Mowing is a cut above




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To find out more about becoming a franchisee call 0800 454 654 or visit jims mowing. Jim’s Mowing is looking for new Jims, Janes or Johns to come to where the grass really is greener. Regional franchisor Gavin McGlashan has just under 40 franchisees from Taranaki to Wellington, but there is just one Jim’s Mowing franchisee in Manawatū . McGlashan says there is enough work for five to six and initially he’s looking for one to two more who can increase brand awareness. He says more and more people don’t want to mow their lawns or look after their gardens. Plus, with Palmerston North being a university city there are also lots of landlords and property managers seeking outdoor maintenance professionals so they can rest easy knowing the job will get done. Franchisees can also use the skills they bring with them, such as painting, building and pruning, to enhance their income-making potential. McGlashan became a Jim’s Mowing regional franchisor in 2005 and specialises in business support, franchise sales and support, and advertising development. He says Jim’s Mowing’s systems are superior to competitors and are developed to make running a business better for franchisees. Franchisees are trained to run their own business, there are regular meetings and training, and all health and safety requirements are documented. Jim’s Mowing takes all the guess work out of setting up your own lawn mowing business and is the biggest and most trusted lawn mowing and gardening service in New Zealand. A Jim’s Mowing franchise can appeal to people sick of the boss but who still want the ability to earn a good income and see a good day’s pay for putting in a hard day’s work. Others are attracted by the ability to make a living and still have a lifestyle. Finance to buy a franchise is available if required.