Stratford Press - 2021-06-09


Business now in purpose built premises


Alyssa Smith

AStratford business has opened its doors to clients from a new space. Wellness from Within is a Stratford clinic offering nutritional advice, beauty therapy, and massage treatments. Steph Haughey started the business three years ago. “I started in this new space seven weeks ago after having a home-based clinic. I decided to move to a purposebuilt premises and it’s been great. The feedback from my clients has been fantastic.” Steph wanted to provide a welcoming space for her clients. “I had a vision of providing a welcome, earthy, and calming place that people can come to when they’re needing a step out of their busy lives to take care of themselves. I was able to deliver that. This space is exactly what I wanted.” Steph’s philosophy is helping people to feel the best they can so they can be the best version of themselves. “When we are feeling not well, we struggle to do things. Our health is very important. Bigger health issues are an accumulation of little things which have added up over time.” Steph moved to Stratford from Inglewood at the age of 14. “I attended Inglewood High School. I moved away to Auckland to gain experience in the beauty and massage therapy industry in a bigger place, but came back to Stratford eight years ago. I consider Stratford as home.” Steph studied beauty therapy and massage at WITT. “I noticed that people were suffering from common bigger issues such as skin conditions, digestive problems and stress which were majorly impacting on their quality of life. “I realised I needed more in-depth knowledge about their overall health to help those people, so six years ago I studied clinical nutrition at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand so I could look into their whole-body health and wellness.” Steph says it’s important to take time each day to plan good health habits. “Being mindful of what you consume and managing stress in a healthy way are key steps to good health. Food should primarily come from whole food sources and be as natural as possible, while limiting process and refined foods. “Breath work, exercising, and spending time in nature are also key in promoting health and wellness.” Steph’s aim is to teach people how to properly take care of their health so they can go about their days feeling optimal. “It’s all about education and giving people achievable, individualised tips they can implement in their daily lives to improve their overall wellbeing.” Wellness From Within is open 8.30am-7pm Monday to Wednesday and alternate Saturdays 10am12noon.


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